May 2, 2018

[Tips] macOS/iOS Programming Tips


Open panel and bookmarking

You have to allow read and write access even if write operation is not required. Because updating preference data require write operation.


After updating Xcode to Xcode9 (or after my unintended operation), The Xcode does not display the log of compilation process.To display the log, I changed the Xcode Preference:
Xcode menu -> Preference -> Select "Build/Start" item -> Check the "navigator to current log"
By this setting, the compile log is displayed in the current editor view.

May 1, 2018

HyperCard like applications

  • ViperCard: Written by TypeScript and worked on HTML5

March 31, 2018


make database from current files. * automatic tag analysis * tag database * database access. how to show it

January 7, 2018

Command line tools

Tools for JSON format data

This is a list of command line tools to operate JavaScript and JSON.