October 28, 2017

[Xcode] Tips to dump compile log into current editor view

After updating Xcode to Xcode9 (or after my unintended operation), The Xcode does not display the log of compilation process.To display the log, I changed the Xcode Preference:

Xcode menu -> Preference -> Select "Build/Start" item -> Check the "navigator to current log"

By this setting, the compile log is displayed in the current editor view.

October 12, 2017

[Product Design] Amber: Variable Scope

The variable stdio in pressed method is defined under the application component. How to define this variable scope rule?

application: {
  stdio: (Console) <- console_window.stdio
  main_window: Window {
    button: {
      pressed: Void %{
        printf(stdio.output, "hello, world")
  console_window: Window {