July 25, 2017

NSOpenPanel calling causes warning message

When I use NSOpenPanel in my swift application, following message are displayed in the Xcode log window.

warning: <NSRemoteView: 0x6100001205a0> determined it was necessary to configure <NSVBOpenPanel: 0x100f138e0> to support remote view vibrancy

This problem is not solved yet.

NSOpenPanel crashes

Do not remember Sandbox setting when you use NSOpenPanel in the application. If it is not set, the NSOpenPanel causes exception.

July 23, 2017

Posted documents on the other sites

Released documents

Programming Language

  • Amber: The programming language for user interface design


Design Pattern

June 29, 2017

Swift class to implement variables at JavaScriptCore

Here is a table to know which class is used to implement variable on JavaScriptCore.


  1. The boolean value will be kept as NSNumber<Int> when it is a member of array and dictionary.
Object in JavaScript Type hierarchy to present by Swift
true JSValue.Bool
123 JSValue.NSNumber<Double>
1.23 JSValue.NSNumber<Double>
["hello", "world"] JSValue.Array.String
[true, false] JSValue.Array.NSNumber<Int>
[a:12] JSValue.Dictionary[String: NSNumber<Double>]
[a:true] JSValue.Dictionary[String: NSNumber<Int>]

May 27, 2017

Unix Tool Tips


rsync -auvE --delete source-dir destination-dir

Sync the directories. The destination directory will have same contents of source directory.

April 2, 2017

Released Software


These frameworks are targeting macOS and iOS: